Where my book went wrong

Published by Jackie Barrie on

I chatted to Dr Simon Raybould, author of Presentation Genius, who focuses on the science behind presentation skills. Discover:

  • Ways to start a conversation
  • How to get your audience willing to participate
    • By gently expanding their comfort zone
    • When they’re shy and / or introverted
  • Exercise using initialled ping-pong balls
  • Why ‘oxygenating the brain’ is a fallacy*
    • You use energisers to get people’s attention back in the room so they concentrate again (it’s psychological not physiological)
  • When the stand up / sit down exercise goes wrong
  • Why the VAK model is “tosh”
    • Because you need to match the medium to the message

* The latest research suggests that increased exercise does increase cognitive function and this is explained by more oxygen getting to the brain. So it is not just about increasing concentration. My thanks to Dr Lynda Shaw for the link:


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