Wheel of Names

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I delivered a presentation to PSA Scotland last night. They wanted a masterclass on copy that converts. After nearly 40 years as a copywriter, I could talk about it for a week!

I have lots of content that would add value. Just like copywriting, I had to consider what to leave out as well as what to include.

One of the things I’d prepared was a review of some email copy written by the Regional President, James McGinty.

And one of the things I did to make the session more fun (for the audience and for me), I set up the WheelofNames to be a Yes/No vote (see right).

I decided I would only do the live review if the wheel landed on Yes. You can imagine the group’s disappointment when I span it and landed on No.

It didn’t matter, as I’d prepared alternative content to cover that eventuality, and I delivered that.

Later in the meeting, and with James’ approval, I span the wheel again. Again, it landed on No, and I delivered something else.

You can imagine James’ relief! (I sent him my review by email so the work wasn’t wasted.)

Can you use that idea to add a fun ‘what next?’ element of chance to your next presentation?


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