Virtual murder mysteries

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Murder mystery cast

Murder mystery cast

As you may know, I’ve recently been employed as a Zoom co-host for an event organiser friend, James Coakes, who runs virtual murder mysteries. Here are the highlights of our recent conversation about online engagement:

  • Impact of the pandemic on the events industry
  • Running virtual murder mysteries
  • The power of fun, laughter and silliness to make people relax
  • Connection, interaction and escape
  • Interactive shows v Zoom meetings and Zoom fatigue
  • Comparing offline and online delivery styles and stagecraft
  • Driving energy online (and ensuring nobody drains it)
  • Why to treat your presentations as a ‘show’
  • Predicting hybrid events

Watch the video:

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P.S. I wasn’t sure whether I dared share this, but the image below shows me playing the role of the dim-witted 1920s’ housemaid, Sally Scrubbs, at one of James’ murder mystery events.

Sally Scrubbs

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