Sick of Skype? Tired of Teams? Weary of Webex? Google Meet making you demoralised? Feeling fed up with Zoom fatigue?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Online and hybrid events can be fun and engaging – when you run them right.

My new book is packed with creative insights and activities to help presenters banish the boredom while communicating their message.

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“I downloaded the book on Monday. Jackie is my go to person when I’m looking for creative ideas on audience or participant engagement and I was stuck with a couple of sessions I was running this week that just felt to me like they needed a lift. In less than an hour I had introduced a number of new ideas inspired by the book and felt ten times as confident about the sessions to come.”
Andy Lopata

“This book is for you if you run training seminars, workshops or networking events using a virtual platform. Since Covid many of us have spent hours and hours in front of the screen attending boring events. Help is at hand. This book is full of lots of simple but powerful and fun ideas about making our time sitting in front of our screens or phones far more enjoyable and therefore effective for both the facilitator and their audiences.”
Will Kintish

“Online meetings and events are certainly with us to stay. As a speaker and trainer, it took a pandemic to send me on a huge learning curve. I had to modify everything I did for the virtual world, making it my mission to keep participants engaged and involved in the learning. I wish Jackie Barrie’s book had been available back then. I was proud to write the Foreword to her latest book ‘Unboring: Ideas and activities for effective online and hybrid events’. I’m now putting my own twist on Jackie’s tips and ideas to enhance the experience and the learning for everyone. Check out ‘Unboring’ today.”

Shirley Taylor

“Ordered this as I’ve been asked to run a number of online meetings and events recently and needed inspiration on how to set them apart and make them stand out from the dozens of awful online meetings I’ve attended over the last couple of years. Within 10 minutes of starting the book I’d found at least three quick and easy ideas that I could drop into my next meeting and at the end one of the delegates said it was the best online meeting she’d attended all year, so thanks Jackie Barrie – job done!”
Steve Bustin

“Jackie’s ideas help lift ordinary online events into extraordinary, so this book is my ’go to’ resource.”
Jackie Handy

“JUST READ THIS BOOK by Jackie Barrie. Jackie is a multiple author and I love the way she constructs the contents. Packed with usable tips and techniques to help you going forward. IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT ONE YET. DO IT NOW. JFDI.” Derek Arden on LinkedIn


Easy to read, superb insights, loads of new ideas and great practical advice.
Jackie’s reputation for innovative ideas at meetings (live and online) was the prompt for me to read this book. It’s an impressive exposé of what we all need to know if we present online or run online groups and training. So many ideas, insights and great practical advice. I have picked so many suggestions that were entirely new to me. Indeed, I feel inspired to find occasions when I can put Jackie’s advice into practice. I love the fact that she made time to produce this professional easy to read book while still continuing her mainstream roles as an expert copywriter, trainer and speaker.”
Mark Lee


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Want ideas for your next online or hybrid talks and training sessions?

Sometimes, the best way to get your message across is through the written word on paper or on screen. Sometimes, it’s by delivering a talk or training session. And sometimes, it’s through an activity that your audience undertakes, because they will remember what they do more than anything they read or hear.

If you’d like my help to devise a unique breakout or activity for your next presentation, you can book  a consultancy session with me (payable in advance).

Please visit calendly.com/jackie_barrie and choose a convenient time.

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