Top ten rundown

Published by Jackie Barrie on

Top ten

If you are sharing ten top tips in your presentation, it works better if you do them as a top ten rundown.

Listing items from one to ten means people will take notes in order. But it’s dull.

When you list them from ten to one, it adds a level of wonderment. It ranks the items in order of importance.

People wonder what’s number one, and whether they agree with you. If they are going to take any action, it’s unlikely they’ll do all ten things, but they might focus on the top three.

If your audience is the right age to appreciate the reference, you could do it in the style of DJ Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, who presented the weekly countdown of the UK singles charts Pick of the Pops.

That’s what I did with this Petcha Kutcha* style talk for an audience of recruiters.

* 20 slides advancing automatically in 5 minutes = 15 seconds each

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