Toilet paper

This getting-to-know-you exercise can be run anywhere, any time – as long as you have enough toilet rolls to go round.

The video was filmed at PSA South East. As you may notice, my instructions weren’t as clear as they should have been. What I should have said is: “Share a fascinating fact for each sheet of toilet paper you’ve torn off.”

Some groups did this. Other groups counted the number of sheets and shared a single fact that corresponded to that number.

Because people who’ve torn off many sheets of paper soon run out of things to say about their business, they end up sharing things about their social life too – and those are almost always the things the others want to know more about later. That’s why I find it particularly useful as an after-lunch energiser during an all-day session about social media. It makes the point that people are social creatures and that’s OK (it’s even important) in a business context, both online and offline.

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