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Experiential SpeakingYou’ve probably heard about experiential learning and experiential training. They’ve been around for ages. This book applies similar ideas to experiential speaking, so you can give your audience an experience they won’t forget.

Experiential speaking takes your presentation skills to another level.

At a time when clients are demanding more engagement, these audience participation exercises are designed especially for speakers, presenters and facilitators.

You don’t need to be able to perform magic tricks, play the drums or have an amazing story to tell in order to call yourself an experiential speaker, as these are low-tech activities that anyone can facilitate.

You’ll find ideas for icebreakers and revision exercises, ways to break big groups into smaller ones, audience voting methods that are more imaginative than a simple show of hands, and more, much more.

All the exercises are creative, fun and easy to run. They involve pen and paper (or no materials at all). They’re adaptable to suit your own learning outcomes. Many can be delivered effectively as part of a virtual presentation as well as in person. And they all mean your audience will be more engaged, and therefore more likely to remember your message.

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