Stand up

Instead of asking for a show of hands, you can get the audience to stand up, then invite them to stay standing as you ask a series of questions to suit your topic. The final person standing wins a prize.

Standing instead of sitting gives them an energy boost and makes their votes far more obvious than putting their hands in the air.

(Remember to account for anyone who is unable to stand.)

If you start your talk this way, you can also end it with a ‘stand up if’ question – which can lead to a standing ovation as you’ll see in this video. I admit it may be a bit sneaky, but audience members have told me they didn’t mind because of the way I set it up.

One reason this is useful is because you can capture the ovation image or video to use in your marketing. The other reason is that it’s very satisfying when they’re on their feet and applauding you!

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