“Of the activities described, 22 were ones I had never seen before – and that is after 40 years using experiential learning activities in my business! [It’s an] amazing collection of tools that any speaker can use to increase the impact and value they bring to their audiences. Do I like Jackie’s book? Nope. I love it.”
David Gouthro

“I have been speaking to groups around the world for over forty years, but many of the ideas were new to me. They all work amazingly well too! This book is will be referred to time and again by trainers, speakers and educators [as] one of the most valuable resources you have ever encountered. I guarantee that [it] will prove its worth to you many times over.”
Alan Stevens

In order, the CAPS testimonials are from: Shelle Rose Charvet, Robin Levesque, Diane Rolston, Maggie Georgopoulos, Stephen O’Keefe, Isabelle Fontaine & Lowry Olafson.

“Whenever I need to include a new interactive exercise in one of my presentations, I pick up the phone to Jackie Barrie. I have used a number of her creative inspirations and they always have the right balance of engagement, humour and making a key point. This book will be a tremendous resource for any trainer looking to enthuse and engage with their participants.”
Andy Lopata, Business Networking Strategist, Recipient of the Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence (PSAE)

“Jackie is an expert at thinking of and helping the development of fun, impactful breakout activities for use in a keynote.”
Rob Lilwall, Global adventurer, author and speaker

“Jackie’s book is so full of creative ideas to engage groups, they will drop their phones, pay attention and want to play! Great book, easy to use, brilliant ideas! Bravo Jackie!”
Shelle Rose Charvet, Author of Words That Change Minds

“Jackie is able to keep the full attention of the audience with a range of audience participation activities.”
Alan Timms, Regional Manager, MTU at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial

“Jackie is expert at communicating in a way that audiences respond to and act on.”
Steve Morris, Freemans PLC

“If icebreakers and energisers are part of your world, Jackie will provide you with practical ideas that work.”
Ges Ray, Founder, Speaking in Public and builder of confidence in your public speaking

“I’ve been a facilitator for 12 to 13 years and it’s always refreshing to learn new tools. I think I had only seen one variation of these before. So these are brand new tools that I can definitely use in my workshops.”
Robin Levesque, Author, speaker, trainer

“I love every single activity. Even the ones I’ve maybe seen before, she puts a different spin on that makes it more interesting. I can definitely see how I’m going to use a bunch of these in the workshops and presentations I do.”
Diane Rolston, Coach, speaker, author and mentor

“Jackie’s got a lot of ideas that I will definitely use in my keynote and workshops.”
Lowry Olafson, Performing songwriter, professional speaker, workshop leader

“D’oh, nearly missed my train stop as I had my nose in this rather excellent book by Jackie Barrie. Got my copy on Friday, and I’ve already implemented one of the ideas, and have adapted another to use next week. ROI on my £14.99… immeasurable and pretty immediate.”
Bryony Thomas, Watertight Marketing

“I just finished reading the book, for the first time; I will certainly come back to it frequently. It’s the most practical useful facilitator’s book I have read in a long time. The multi-sensorial ‘recipes’ are exquisitely designed, and the guides for the readers to recreate experiences are superbly detailed. Bravo.”
George Chiesa

“I gave your (signed) copy to my friend only this afternoon and just received this from him: Thank you so much for the book, only read the first icebreaker and have already adapted it for two different courses with two completely different contexts. Going to be a great asset for me, thanks.”
Jenny Craig

“If ever you work in groups or with groups then this book is a must have. 34 ice breakers, energisers and games, many of which can be adapted to carry your key message. Each one is explained clearly and supported by a video so you can see it in action. This book encourages you to do something out of the ordinary in your presentations and talks. I am loving trying out each one. You enjoy it too.”
Barnaby Wynter

“Jackie is a real expert at creating engagement in the training room. As a pro speaker, I’m speaking and training most weeks and seriously death by PowerPoint is just not cutting it anymore! 🙄 This book makes it easy to up your game, increase engagement, retention of content and make training way more effective. Buy it now!”
Lee Jackson

“I have been in the learning & development and professional speaking industry for the last decade and this book is gold dust! A wonderful mix of interactive games and ideas for groups of all sizes. Complemented by video resources to see them in action. This has proved invaluable to me in my work and I highly recommend you add a copy to your professional toolkit.”
Jackie Handy

“I found your book really helpful ahead of the event I facilitated. I did the snowball exercise which went down well, although a (used!?) tissue somehow got caught up in the action which added to the hilarity. Anyway, I’ll be highlighting your book on our social media accounts. I also flagged it with a couple of other clients who work as trainers/facilitators and I know one of them has already bought it.”
Jane Cattermole

After delivering a mini training session on Zoom, I was surprised (and delighted) to get unexpected book reviews from Rachel Maunder, Jane Gunn, Nathan Littleton and Maria Franzoni.

Looks as though Steve Judge is making good use of my book 🙂

“One of my best girlfriends attended your session live at a past CAPS convention, and we traded notes but she didn’t grab a copy of your book for me. Just her! I’ve wanted it since, and she loves it, so I would never ask to borrow her copy. Plus, I plan on marking it up! 🙂
Thanks again for helping me get to a copy.”
Codi Shewan

“I have used the paper-tearing exercise when doing business English with people from different parts of the world and it was very well received. The conclusion we as a group came to was that it demonstrated how we all have a different lens on life – a different interpretation, particularly if the group is international – but it is still valid. One attendee contacted me a year later, saying this had a profound effect on her.”
Susan Heaton-Wright

“I have a copy of your Experiential Speaking book on my Kindle. I was running a very successful team day and at the afternoon break, when we were running ahead of time, the client announced they wanted another ‘game’. Up until this point I’d done a 60-120 mins piece of experimental learning and a few quick comms games. None of which had come from your book (this time). Another game??? ***** While they had a break I skimmed your book for ideas and we played a version of dictionary – an idea from your book. Thank you.”
Heather Townsend, Founder of The Accountants’ Growth Club

If your local Amazon price for my ‘Experiential Speaking‘ book of icebreakers and energisers is too high, you can get the paperback direct from the printers, here.

Event organiser comments

“Jackie was a speaker at our inaugural Inspire Recruitment event. In short she ‘nailed it’. She took a potentially boring subject and made it interesting and exciting for the audience. Her delivery style showed not only her ability to engage a crowd but her commitment to tailoring her presentation to the audience.”
Alex Moyle

“Jackie can energise an audience and make networking sessions fun and informative. If you need an energy injection during your conference I would highly recommend Jackie Barrie.”
Janice B Gordon on LinkedIn

“Excellent and spot on for our crowd. That was one of the buzziest nights we’ve had and that was down to your injection of energy.”
David Gordon, Chair, Young Directors’ Forum, IoD

“I expected it to be good and wasn’t disappointed. I particularly liked the paper-tearing exercise.”
Huw Williams, Croydon Ecademy

Delegate comments

“I started off glazed over but must say after a few minutes I was very interested in the course and at the end wished it was longer. Thank you.”
Joy Bamford

“I was impressed by Jackie’s approach to teaching – she clearly considers different styles of learning, and I felt the benefit of that. All day, I was completely engaged in the course – no clock-watching whatsoever! As the day went on, I got more excited each time we were set a new task! They were really interesting, enjoyable activities.”
Olivia Webb

“I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Jackie’s talks this week. Jackie’s presentation was highly informative and engaging. The whole audience joined in with the interactive parts. Jackie bubbles with ideas and we all left on a high. Jackie got the standing ovation she deserved!”
Jo Hailey

“I love Jackie’s audience participation activities. I could do them all day long.”
Alison Charles, Wellbeing in the Workplace Consultant

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