Networking bingo

There are lots of variations to this fun networking activity that injects a burst of energy into any event and works especially well before a break. As you’ll see in the video, it creates a real sense of competition and a lovely buzz in the room.

It takes a bit of preparation, as you’ll need to prepare customised bingo sheets and provide a prize. You’ll also need a timer and a whistle/hooter/gong to attract people’s attention.

You’ll find ‘People bingo’ sheets all over Google, or you can create your own. You can design your bingo sheet in list form, or as a grid. The categories you include can be as serious or silly as you like, to suit your event.

You can invite people to complete the entire sheet, a fixed number in a row, or a single row/column, depending on the time you have available. (I recommend you allow a maximum of 30 seconds per category.)

I often use this exercise to make a point about ‘quality’ networking v ‘quantity’ networking, and to stress the point that the secret to building relationships is in the followup.

Want ideas for your own speech or workshop?


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