How improv can make you a better speaker

Published by Jackie Barrie on

I had a fun chat with John Cremer recently – you’ve probably never heard two so-called professional speakers talk over each other so much, nor say ‘um’ so often. See the out-takes at 22:30 to enjoy those moments. There’s also a gratuitous image of a drone at 17:50 (which will make sense when you watch the video).

We also discussed:

  • Who is the genius in the room when you’re presenting
  • What’s wrong with the traditional education system
  • Why you should attribute the source of any activities you use
  • The problem with presenter anxiety
  • Why you have to spell things out for your audience
  • Three simple improv activities with untold benefits for participants:
    • Word-at-a-time storytelling
    • Yes and / Yes but
    • Walk and point

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