Why experiential speaking?

Attention spans are dropping. Audience members expect to be included. Clients increasingly request interaction. As a speaker, trainer or presenter who can truly engage your audience, you'll get better results, better feedback and more bookings.


Creative getting-to-know-you exercises to warm up your audience and reinforce your learning outcome.


Activities that create a buzz in the room, enliven your event, and make a memorable point.


Games you can use as part of a speech or training session – because playing is fun and aids memory.

About the book

Packed with creative icebreakers, energisers and games to engage your audience and help embed your message PLUS video links so you can watch the activities and witness the response for yourself.



Experiential Speaking


Check out some of the lovely things people have said
Andy Lopata

Andy Lopata PSAE

Business networking strategist & Speaker

“Jackie’s creative inspirations
always have the right balance
of engagement, humour and
making a key point.”

Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall

Adventurer, author & speaker

“Jackie is expert at helping the
development of fun, impactful
breakout activities for use in a


Shelle Rose Charvet CSP

Author of Words That Change Minds

“Jackie’s book is full of creative
ideas to engage groups. They
will drop their phones, pay
attention and want to play!”


Find out more about experiential speaking and discover loads of new ways to engage your audience and reinforce the learning.

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